Writing in the study program diversity of biology

The subject of biology is the living being in all its manifestations. The research areas of the subject are correspondingly extensive. Therefore, in the first years of the Bachelor’s degree, the acquisition of comprehensive basic knowledge is of great importance in most faculties. Students have a full program and have to deal with botany, plant physiology, zoology, animal physiology, cell and microbiology, genetics, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, mathematics, and last but not least, ethics.

The history of biology

Biology can look back on a long history, dating back to antiquity. The Greek philosophers had already studied the natural sciences and made first systematic observations of different species. The most important representatives were Thales of Miletus and Aristotle.

In late antiquity and the Middle Ages religious issues were the focus. Biology was limited to the breeding of animals and advances in agriculture. Science as an independent form of knowledge acquisition did not exist. Ironically, but just monks and nuns created by their botanical work, the basics of the subject.

Darwin, in particular, gave new impetus to biology. The classification of species into species and genera as well as the theory of evolution had far-reaching effects and still provide for extensive discussion about two hundred years later.

New technical developments gradually succeeded in finding and investigating bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in ever more detailed form. In recent decades, biology has received a tremendous boost, particularly through the discovery of DNA, the building block of life, which opens up many new fields of research. These are by no means limited to biology but have an impact on zoology, botany and human genetics.

The study of biology

The study program Biology first deals with the basics of the subject. Chemistry and genetics play a role as well as species theory and theory. From an early age, biology begins to unfold its fascination and make evolutionary connections clear.

In the further course of study, depending on the focus of the faculty, a specialization, such as anthropology or zoology, is the next step. Especially as part of a master’s program, the previously acquired knowledge will be expanded and deepened. The qualification for independent, project-related, scientific work also plays an important role.

Career prospects

Biologists who leave the university after completing their degree program have access to a large number of potential jobs. Depending on the university, specialization and study, the spectrum ranges from active protection of endangered species to use in commercial biotechnology, in the agro-industry or in genetic research. It is also conceivable to work in federal, provincial or local authorities as well as in museums or even as a forensic scientist.

Universities and Degree Programs – More than Gray Theory

How do cells work? Why do plants grow? Who decides on evolution? Biologists deal with everything that lives. They strive to get behind the secrets and rules that govern our existence. From plants to animals to humans, from extinct to future life forms and from microscopic organisms to entire ecosystems, the study of biology covers a wide range of topics. For example, students can specialize in neurobiology, genetics or biotechnology. Graduates work at universities, research institutes and laboratories. The teaching profession is also open with a degree in biology.

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