Writing in the study program Architecture

Architecture of the present

What motivates a young person to think about designing buildings? Is it the fascination that emanates from old buildings? Is it the ability to create something new, something that never happened before? The chance to add something to a city that has existed, even beyond your own life? There are probably a whole lot of good reasons. And the prospect of money and fame also plays a role in the decision to become an architect.

After all, the degree program covers more than just the sober planning and building of functional buildings. Particularly in prestige projects, an artistic approach and design is required. In addition to the purpose of a building, finally, its aesthetic effect is in the focus.

Architecture and society

Architecture is subject to constant change. Changing governance structures, climatic conditions, technical developments, changing requirements and aesthetic sensibilities are constantly posing new challenges and offering new solutions. Historical epochs are not only characterized by their intellectual development. In particular, buildings that have survived time are shaping our image of lost empires today. This applies to the Greeks and their temples as well as to the massive Gothic churches and the concrete buildings of the 70s. From antiquity through the Renaissance to the Bauhaus style, architecture has always been a defining element of the respective epoch.

In addition, architecture often follows a political program: it signals claims to power, clarifies existing power relations and is a hallmark of the importance of the residents. From palaces to churches to villas, all buildings follow these concepts. Even modern, often controversial buildings, such as the Hundertwasser House in Vienna or the Military History Museum of the German Armed Forces in Dresden, which attract attention, make statements about social realities.

The architecture study

Studying architecture at a higher education institution that ends with a bachelor’s, master’s, or graduate diploma places many demands on the students. Thus, apart from building theory and artistic foundations such as visualization or modeling, the technical content must also be understood. The study course deals with the basics of building construction and material science as well as the structural theory, in which the calculations are given to the structural analysis. In addition, in the bachelor’s program architectural history contents are treated, drafts analyzed and the practical knowledge of the project management conveyed. In addition, future architects must draw initial designs and prove that they are design and design.

Writing in the study program Architecture

Before it can go to the concrete planning of buildings, which are actually realized later, the study of architecture must be completed successfully. The essential examination is the preparation of a bachelor and master thesis. It is not only the requirements of the respective faculty that have to be considered. Depending on the subject, a computer-aided visualization of the designs is also a possibility, which at least virtually takes shape. In this way, one’s own concepts can be presented in a memorable way, showing possible changes to the existing ensemble or even urban development innovations. Those who find it too much to have to deal with texts as well as their creative and drawing activities can call for help and support on all subject areas.

Literature review

The prerequisite for writing a paper for a prospective architect is a thorough literature review at each university. With her, the quality of a bachelor’s or master’s thesis stands or falls. Although there is often a list of literature listing the most important books. This should only serve as a guide. Additional primary and secondary literature is almost essential. In case of problems, a ghostwriter with his broad experience can be of great help and a great help.

Help from the ghostwriter

Specially trained ghostwriters help to bring their customers up to date with the latest know-how, literature research and text contributions, to carry out independent analyzes and to give texts the necessary polish. Upon request, text templates such as a term paper, a bachelor thesis or even a master thesis can be delivered, which serve as orientation for the own development.