English and American Studies as study program

The subjects English and American Studies involve much more than simple language skills. The study deals with the rich history, literature and culture of the English speaking countries. As an interdisciplinary cultural science, the degree program offers insights into past and present worlds of life.

There is hardly any limit to the variety of topics: On the basis of the language, the students are taught the key competencies of being able to familiarize themselves independently with other topics. They learn to broaden their knowledge and understanding of social, cultural and political developments. The scientific discourse is not limited to Great Britain and the USA, but of course also includes the states and territories that emerged from former colonies. For students in the Bachelor, therefore, a fundamental interest may also prove useful outside of the subject itself.

Bachelor in English / American Studies

The ability to deal independently with texts is an essential part of any linguistic study. Techniques for investigating works by various authors on topic-specific questions will be taught. Both literary and linguistic methods are used. To deal with the literature of different epochs, countries and cultures, which are all characterized by the connecting element of the English language, makes the appeal of the subject.

The bachelor’s program is divided into the two subsections Linguistics and Literary Studies. In addition there are seminars for the development of language skills. Thus, the students are well equipped not only to talk in the worldwide lingua franca, but also to answer questions of an economic or political nature. Especially in the Master’s, it is common at many universities to focus on specific areas. In addition to teaching, courses with an emphasis on marketing, business and economics are particularly popular. Also a comprehensive exchange program is in many cases part of the study. Graduates of the subject are finally spoiled for choice, because there are enough job offers.

Career prospects

A professional in the English language is more than in demand in numerous professional fields. Career opportunities can be found in the field of consulting and training in companies, in language teaching at schools and colleges and in the media. Anglists and Americanists are needed wherever English, translation and language acquisition play a role. The Internet, with its steadily growing need for online journalists, online editors and copywriters, has also opened up many new job prospects for this branch of knowledge. And, of course, in linguistics itself, there is a constant need for junior staff to carry out studies, conduct research and gain new insights.

Professional editing and careful plagiarism

Not only for German-language works is a flawless style and clean scientific citation a prerequisite for a successful exam. These requirements also apply to English and American studies. But not only students, many scientists find it difficult to meet all necessary requirements. As in any language, English also has a large number of primary and secondary literature. Surveying, assigning, and accurately reproducing sources presents a tremendous challenge. And while prudent and proactive work can significantly reduce the number of errors, oversight and carelessness are never completely eliminated.

Basically, all quotes and ideas of third parties must be marked accordingly, otherwise it is a plagiarism.

Especially for texts in a foreign language, therefore, recommends a professional editing and a careful plagiarism. Our ghostwriters are the ideal partners for this. The author can count on experienced university graduates to put their work through their paces, point out mistakes and contribute to a successful conclusion.

Universities and Degree Programs – More than Gray Theory

English is the science of the English language, culture and literature. In addition to being a frequent teacher of teaching, shooting also enables them to work in cultural institutions, museums and publishing. Large companies are looking for Anglisten who maintain and expand contacts on an international level. Also in research and teaching, there are opportunities to specialize in a topic and to become an expert. The focus is on the study of the different cultures of the Commonwealth, on modern English literature and the language itself. The closely related American studies focus on the most powerful country in the world.

Ghostwriter in English

The role of an academic ghostwriter, who usually has a degree or a Ph.D. degree and the necessary linguistic and methodological skills, can take on various forms in English and American studies; from the analysis of the literature over an evaluation of specialized journals to the current state of the research, from the writing of essays up to the conception of a complete scientific elaboration and the delivery of a template for a term paper, bachelor thesis or master thesis. This can be German or English depending on the wishes of the customer.