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Bad Car Eyelashes

Here is a picture of  a bad eyelashes!  prime example of  a cheap chinese copy that breaks up and looks terrible after a week or so- Don,t waste your time buying this rubbish,buy the genuine ones  from this


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Genuine Car Eyelashes or chinese import copies

There are a huge  number of sellers selling car eyelashes now but nearly all of them are cheap copies from China which look great when you first stick them on but after a few days they will droop and look terrible and even fall off after a drive down the free way. If you have ever purchased these cheap  Chinese imported car eyelashes, you will know exactly what I mean  and you will no doubt have been  very disappointed and probably  think that all car eyelashes are the same ,really cheap and nasty and a waste of money….  Many sellers are selling them on Amazon and eBay for a few dollars  because they are hot sellers and lots of people are looking for car eyelashes… and some unscrupulous sellers are stating they are the genuine ones when clearly they are not.

But the thing is… everyone who buys them will  take them off after a few days/ weeks because they look terrible or have already fallen off or one is drooping or is sagging down.

This picture shows a cheap Chinese copy -very thin cut vinyl that will not hold the shape and can fall apart after a few  motorway trips: 

I know this because this happened to me when I first tested them and my sister and two friends who brought them,we all were very annoyed and disappointed by the poor quality and short life span.

The Chinese copy Imports are very thin and made from cut vinyl. They have to be curled with something like a stick or two rolling pins to get the curved shape, but the wind/heat  from your car (or the sun if you live in a hot country) makes them droop easily and lose their shape within days.

The best car eyelashes we have tried and tested are injection moulded and will not droop and look superb.They are much stronger and so different from the cheap rubbish Chinese copies. They should  last for years and can even be transferred to another car, all you need (if you want to transfer them) is buy  some more double sided tape and re-apply to the eyelashes and stick to the new vehicle. They are very easy to fit and easy to take off if you sell your car.

Ok they are much more expensive than the cheap Chinese ones but you get what you pay for – quality and style- why bother with the cheapies ,if you buy the ones we sell here that we have manufactured here in the UK you will be very happy indeed.

The picture below shows a much stronger moulded curved eyelash that will last and not go out of shape.

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The History of Car Eyelashes

The history of car eyelashes In theory cars are simply a mechanism to get from A to B but if you own a motor, you will know that your vehicle is so much more besides. Adrenaline junkies seek cars that can whizz around at jaw dropping speeds, despite the fact they will never be able to put the pedal to the metal and let rip. Others prefer cars that ooze class, sophistication and appeal whilst some simply like their motor to be cute, funny and full of personality. You could be forgiven for thinking that car eyelashes (yes, you read that right!) would be the sole domain of the latter group but you may be surprised to learn that some of the sexiest beasts on the road have featured this quirky design. Famous flutterers Car eyelashes are by no means a new design; they have been around for decades and are currently enjoying a resurgence in their popularity. Mischievous Lovebug Herbie is perhaps one of the most well-know cars to feature eyelashes. This little characteristic quickly grew to become an integral part of the car`s appeal and is one of the design features that many people still remember to this day. Quirky, eccentric and offbeat, Herbie`s character fitted the eyelashes perfectly; there was never any question about whether the two were a good match. However, the model that started it all was not such a zany oddball, in fact it was the fastest road car in production at the time it was launched; the Lamborghini Muira. The 1966 Muira was the first vehicle to hit the tarmac with flamboyant lashes but somehow they didn`t seem quite as outlandish on the motoring beast. Slatted black lashes framed retractable headlights sitting on a clam-shaped bonnet, creating a motoring monster ready to spring into action at the slightest stroke. Later models of the Muira lost the eyelashes. Whilst the car has never parted with its raw animal appeal, without the lashes it seems somehow naked. Fast forward In the modern world of motoring, it`s now possible to fit lashes to more or less any car, regardless of whether they are offered by the manufacturer. Kits offering the chance to outline your car`s headlights with lashes are almost guaranteed to fit every model on the market. Lashes now also come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Fancy putting a feminine touch to your pride and joy? Then how about a pair of pink curly lashes which are intended to make a statement? Or maybe you want understated glamour. If so, a pair of gun metal coloured lashes are more to your taste. Despite the fact that lashes have been around for more than half a century, they`re not showing any sign of slowing up or going out of fashion. Of course, eyelashes are just one of the ways you can customise your car. The photo gallery at Http://www.torquecars.com has some great examples of owners who love to tinker with their motors, with simply stunning results. Yes, a car has to get you from A to B, but there`s nothing which says it shouldn`t look fabulous at the same time…

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Cars with Eyelashes -the ultimate in feminine style

Feminine  car accessories   are very limited and have been for many many years until the creation of car headlight eyelashes which are becoming the ultimate in feminine style for cars.

There seems a mixed reaction for these false eyelashes for cars !! there seems to be an equal amount of females who adore them and love them while some think they look plain stupid and would never put them on thier cars, certainly not for the shy person as they put a smile on a lot of faces and people point and laugh ,take photo,s and certainly a great way to draw attention to yourself.
A lot of people have never seen or heard of them and public awareness is small but more and more are buying them and giving thier cars that feminine touch that is hard to match with these super car eyelashes.
We have heard a few stories now that boyfriends and husbands are taking them of thier wifes/girlfriends cars as they are getting to much attention,so single girls who are not shy would love these eyelash headlights as a real bloke puller :)
modern cars can look so boring and all the same but these car lashes can add a real personal touch to any car and transform it into a stylish feminine mobile head turner :)
look at these on this gallery

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Welcome to Car Eyelashes Direct

Our new website has been launched today and all the products can be found by pressing the SHOP link in the menu bar above. There are many websites offering “car eyelashes” but there are very few that sell the real and genuine Eyelashes for Cars. There is a massive difference between the cheap lashes available all over ebay and amazon and Eyelashes for cars. the main difference is that the cheap lashes are very thin and only last a few weeks before they look so bad, people take them off in disgust and throw them away.

The genuine eyelashes for cars are a little bit more expensive to send because they are pre curved and made from molded polypropylene and last for years. The cost however is more of less the same as the rip off artists selling the cheap lashes, actually use our photos of the real lashes to sell their vastly inferior product.

The way to tell what you are getting though, is to look at the shipping cost… if it is very cheap, like the same cost to send a large letter… you will be getting the cheap thin Chinese copy lashes. If however, the shipping cost is  between$ 5 and 10 US$ you should be getting the real deal.

Anyway, the bottom line is … there are two types of car lashes out there.

The long lasting good ones and the cheap and nasty rubbish..

You will only ever understand when you have wasted your time and money and purchased a set of RUBBISH lashes from ebay or Amazon and only then will you see the difference.

Here is a typical comment that we receive all the time…

Hi Carlos
I am sorry this happened i really want a pair of your eyelashes i bought the cheap ones and they lasted 4 days and fell apart. Let me know how to order again and get my eyelashes. Thanks Cindy

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